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Getting Started With Your Lead Inbox
Getting Started With Your Lead Inbox

Learn some of the ins-and-outs of leveraging your Lead Inbox—your command center to turning leads into happy, paying customers.

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Your Leads Start Here

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to your Lead Inbox—the nerve center of your dealership's sales operations. Within this powerful tool lies the potential to transform inquiries into closed deals.

The Lead Inbox is where fresh leads from various sources—website forms, phone calls, social media, and third-party platforms—land, ready to be nurtured into loyal customers.

Understanding how to navigate and effectively manage this space is crucial for any dealership aiming to maximize sales conversions.

Before we get started: It may behoove you to bookmark this article, as it will be subject to updates and new tutorials.

Let's hit the ground running with some helpful articles to help you understand and utilize some of the most powerful features of your Lead Inbox

Find leads quickly in your Lead Inbox by filtering according to lead stage or lead status.

Let's take a look at the various Lead Status designations and the various ways they can help you categorize and process your leads.

Learn how to easily progress any lead file through the Lead Pipeline Stages.

Quickly spot how long a lead record has been in its current stage.

Get help locating lead records in your dealer system!

Learn how to customize, edit, and manage your team's Lead Pipeline Stages.

Learn why and how one can account for lost leads in their dealer system.

"What are lead values and how can I use them?" Learn how to leverage lead values in this helpful tutorial.

This is just the beginning. As new tutorials are written on the subject of leveraging your Lead Inbox even better, look for them here! In the meantime, if you have questions, search for answers at or reach out to

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