Customizing Your Grids
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A quick head's up: Please ignore any references to "My Little Salesman" or differing brand imagery as this was simply the past name of much of the Dealership Drive functionality.

Throughout the administration section of your Dealership Drive system, you have the ability to completely customize your data into a format that it works best for you. How you organize and customize your data view is unique to you.

This walk-through will demonstrate how you can hide and show columns, rearrange columns, and resize columns of data you'll find throughout including Inventory, Contacts, Prospects, Companies, Deals, Tasks, and your Lead Activity page.

Hide & Show Columns

The most fundamental feature to know in order to tailor your interface is that you're able to show & hide columns however you see fit. When you hover your cursor over the column headers, notice that it resembles a four-sided arrow. This symbol indicates that you've accessed a feature that is customizable.

Right-click within any column header, and a drop-down menu will appear. Hover down to Columns. This function will provide a complete list of each and every column available to you. When you move your cursor into that list, scroll down to view more columns that populate the list.

It's simple: If the checkbox is filled, that column is enabled within your grid while unchecked boxes are disabled. The adjustment happens in real-time and with no hassle so that you can see what matters most to you, hide what doesn't, and back to work.

Re-arrange and Move Columns

Modify the physical placement of any column by hovering your cursor on the header, (producing the four-sided arrow) then clicking and dragging the column horizontally across your grid. Black, downward-facing arrows will appear to indicate where the column can be placed. Simply release your left mouse button when you've selected a new placement.

Resize Columns

Resize the width of your columns by hovering over the vertical line between any two column headers. Your cursor will transform into a horizontal arrow. Left-click and pull to the left or right and watch your column take on new dimensions. Release the left button when you're finished.

What you'll appreciate most about customizing your grid is that the changes you make will remain intact after logging out of your Dealership Drive account. Take advantage of these features to best fit the needs of your business!

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